Wear and Share a Button! Be a Lighthouse! Help Others to Find and Know God!

How We Help

I got "GOD" Campaign 2019

The whole idea of the I got "GOD" button, BY WEARING IT, is to confirm to others that it is not only the right thing to have the knowledge of God and a healthy, working relationship with Him daily, but it is the NORM!

And that you too know God, or are getting to know God, and interact with Him everyday! 

When someone comments on your button, then you give them a button and tell them "It's our way of telling people that it's our privilege to know and love God and that it's a privilege available to ALL!"

It's a great way of telling those in need, that you know what to do or where to go and who can help them with their needs. 

Pray with them or introduce them to someone who can better direct them. 

You will have played a very important part in helping others in need!


Show People how to live their days with an attitude of "I GET TO" instead of "I HAVE TO"!

"I GET TO know and talk to God everyday!"

"I GET TO help others all the time!"

" I GET TO be a part of life altering events.""

"I GET TO share my thoughts with friends that like me and encourage me!",

"I GET TO BE A LIGHTHOUSE lighting the way for others to know God", etc, etc...

 Join the I got "GOD" 2019 Campaign.

Wear a button everyday and Become a Lighthouse, helping lost, despaired, tired people to have Hope and to Know GOD. 

This is a FREE site, meant for those who want to Know the TRUTH, Share the Truth and who want to walk a well lit victorious path everyday, sharing their walk with like minded, non judgmental people, hoping to grow and succeeding in our journey back to Eternal Life with GOD. 

Did you know that the Spirit God breathed into us at birth can live inside man for 120 years, constantly combating with the mind and body? Genesis 6:3.

When a body dies, the Spirit leaves the body moving to a Saved State (Eternal Life) or an Unsaved State (Death).

So why wait until then to start your Eternal Life, right here on earth?

That Day/Date can be today, when you learn how to allow your Spirit to be in control so that your mind and body will live in harmony with your Spirit!