About this Campaign

Support for the Journey


 The Holy Bible is the only support you will need for your walk with GOD. That, and a couple of brothers and sisters (true believers) you will meet along your journey to help support you and encourage you. You will also need the DETERMINATION AND DRIVE to create a Daily Working Relationship with God. That's all it takes to acquire more than you can ever imagine and a never ending adventure full of purpose, love, joy and happiness. There is no downside and no one can ever take it away from you, ever! BUT this can only be the case IF you learn the Truth for yourself from the Holy Spirit of GOD Himself!

You have to truly want it! Discovering the person you were created to be, is an indescribably awesome adventure that should be a part of everyone's life! You must realize that the world has programmed you to be who you are today. The kind of person you were created to be is very well outlined and detailed in the instruction book of life-"The Bible." You must learn these ways and follow them as much as you can, writing down your daily routine, setting reminders and alarms, if need be, until these traits start to become habit, reflex and natural desires from within you. This reprogramming will include plenty of prayer so you will  also have God's help along the way, and there just isn't any better help than that.

But remember, also align yourself with true believers. True believers are so much more than church goers, door knockers and scripture reciters. They live a life based more on who they are, what they do and how they help others.  True believers live to serve God because they love Him. They love Him because He first loved us! If you truly want it over and above everything else, then you will truly achieve it! And when you do? That's when life becomes FABULOUS!

Ideas & Tips


 This site is  simply set up to help others with their Walk on the Lighted Path. Being able to finally See and Hear and Understand the purpose of life. And to discover one's own individual purpose and direction is a major Joy in itself. So here are a few Ideas and Tips of what you can do to Enhance ro Water your Growth in Christ Jesus!

1.) Go to bed a little earlier each night so that you can get up a little earlier and give that time to God.

2.) Read to God. every morning or evening or whenever you have the idea, just open the Bible and read a verse a chapter to God. Just as if you were reading it to the person sitting next to you. But be sure you tell God you'd like to read to Him first!

3.) If a scripture (verse) jumps off the page at you, write it down somewhere. Keep a scripture journal and date it!

4.) Set some alarms on your cellphone for morning, noon and night reminding you to THANK GOD for the gift of that day He blessed you with. How long does it take to say, "Thank You God!"?

5.) Start a prayer journal and date your prayers. This way you can document and evidence, in writing,, that God stepped in and answered your prayers, giving ALL the Glory to God! There are NO coincidences!

7.) In your journal start a "Good Deeds" task list. Be sure to help someone every day, in Jesus name.

Documenting your walk isn't for bragging rights. It's a foolproof way to see your progress in the reprogramming of your worldly mind to the new spiritual thinking mind. It's meant for encouragement, so that you can see how many victories you've had and how far you've come on your walk. It's meant to give you strength to help you continue on the Lighted Path.

EMail us at igotgod2019@gmail.com with any and ALL NEW helpful hints that we can share with others to help them in their walk with God.

And then be sure to write that down in your journal as one of your deeds  "Helping Others!"


Have a Blessed Day!

Taking the Steps


Here are a few suggestions that will help you begin on a positive path.  START A DAILY WORKING

         RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!                 1.) Put God 1st in ALL you do.  

2.) Talk to GOD like He is your best friend because He is!

3.) Tithe your time with God (Each day is a gift from God. 10% of 24 hrs/day means you should spend at least 2 hrs 24 min/day with GOD in prayer, giving thanks, reading to Him and Bible study. It all counts towards your tithe!)

4.) Pray Morning, Noon and Night (Set the alarm on your cellphone to remind you) Pray that His Holy Spirit will interpret His Word to you. And also pray for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

5.) Prayer is a lot more than just asking for things. Prayer is Confess and Repent, Adoration and Praise, Counting your Blessings and Giving Thanks and then pray for your loved ones to find Him AND that His Will be done, before you ask for things from Him. GOD already knows your needs and wants.

6.) Learn to Wait on GOD and Trust in GOD. GOD will give you the opportunities to do so. Watch & Listen.

7.) This life is all about how you handle things so be sure to ask yourself, before you act, "What Would Jesus Do?"

8.) God's Word, The Bible, is a set of instructions and knowledge how to get through this life the best way possible, so if you're gonna play this game, It's a good thing to know the rules! Start your days, Fill your days and End your days, reading and knowing scripture.


The 2 hrs 24 min/day you spend with GOD will be the best investment you can ever make! (This includes prayers on the way to work, on break, in the bathroom, break room etc. So start training yourself to keep God with you in your mind, ALWAYS!)